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Luxury Hardwood Flooring in Bel Air

For decades Belair has been one of the most distinguished residential areas in the Los Angeles area. Bel air is surrounded by the equally illustrious Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Holmby Hills, creating an environment desired by those who value privacy and refinement.

When you enter a Bel air home what is the first thing you notice?
Perhaps it is the place’s overall feel, whether it is homely and cozy or elegant and minimalistic. When designing the home of your dreams, every aspect of the house must harmonize together to achieve the ideal atmosphere. With this in mind, the type of flooring you choose can either elevate your home’s aesthetic or bring about inconsistencies to your vision.

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Your Environment and Flooring

In the summer, Bel air’s climate can be described as warm and humid. Over time, the humidity will cause wear and tear to your floor. Lower quality wood flooring may initially save you some money, but long-term this cheaper alternative will prove more expensive than durable wood flooring because it requires frequent replacement and reparations.

Pacific Hardwood flooring offers various hardwood floors like parquet, European Oak, and Reclaimed wood, all made from hardwood. Hardwood is durable and naturally weather-resistant, now you can enjoy the warm summers without any worries.

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Softwood vs. Hardwood

Softwood comes from evergreen trees like pines, cedar, or spruce. Hardwood is made from deciduous trees like maple, oak, and hickory. Hardwood is made from slow-growing trees with higher oil content, which increases the drying time, making it a longer, more laborious process. Softwood is made from trees that have a faster growth rate and are more plentiful.

Hardwood has a higher density than softwood. The higher the density of the wood, the more robust and durable it will be.
This makes hardwood perfect for high-quality resistant flooring. Softwood is more prone to wear and tear, and it is not recommended for high trafficked areas.

When choosing the type of wood for your home, it is essential to consider maintenance costs and durability. Softwood is cheaper than hardwood but can be easily damaged by moisture, pets, and walking. Hardwood is the more expensive option but is weather-resistant and durable. Hardwood requires less maintenance than softwood and can last over a decade, but hardwood flooring can last many decades.

If you employ Pacific Hardwood Flooring services, the occasional maintenance that hardwood requires will be carried out by us.

Solid hardwood floors don’t create the same problems. Instead, the top layer is far more resilient, so it keeps its character and color without being damaged so easily. Pacific Hardwood Flooring also carries out the maintenance work. This allows us to continually bring the floor up to the same high standard that you expect.

Making Your Decision

Choosing from the different options for hardwood flooring in Bel Air can be challenging. We are here to help. You can visit our showroom and personally assess all of our flooring options like parquet, European Oak, and Reclaimed wood, along with their various colors and beautifully intricate designs. Our hardwood is not only refined and stunning but also durable and reliable.

In Pacific Wood flooring, we strive to provide the best service possible, from our floor selection to our installation process. Our adherence to the highest standards can make installing certain types of hardwood floors a more gradual and time-consuming process.

If you desire a more expeditious installation, we can recommend parquetry flooring. Parquet flooring has seen a revival in popularity in recent years, and we understand why. The parquet installation is less laborious as the planks can be glued rather than nailed down, and the adhesive takes a mere 60 minutes to set. If you want a rapid installation process that does not sacrifice quality, parqueting is ideal for you.

Pacific Hardwood Flooring makes the process of acquiring and installing luxury hardwood flooring in Bel Air a stress- free experience. Contact us today at Pacific Hardwood Flooring, and a member of our team will evaluate your specific needs and concerns and advise you on what is best for your home. Our team members will also walk you through the entire installation process to avoid any surprises.

The installation of luxury hardwood flooring, you are not merely improving your property’s aesthetic but also increasing property value

Quality Matters

Pacific Wood flooring takes care of everything

Pacific Hardwood Flooring has operated since 1990. For 30 years we have strived to make the process of installing new flooring a hassle-free experience by providing high-quality hardwood along with its installation AND maintenance. Using our services, you can sit back and relax as we will take care of everything for you.

We not only provide an array of flooring options but also the services needed to prolong the lifespan of your wood floors to keep them pristine for the years to come.

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