Pacific Hardwood Flooring has been providing luxury hardwood flooring in Venice for decades. We offer a full service from not only supplying the hardwood planks or parquetry flooring for your home but also the installation and continual maintenance.

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Quality Matters

The Issues Affecting Wood Flooring in Venice

Wood flooring in Venice may have to contend with different issues compared to other areas of Los Angeles thanks to the beach. Sand is known to cause damage to flooring especially if you have used cheap options or it has been incorrectly installed.

Sand particles are sharp. When the top layer of your flooring isn’t properly treated or maintained, it leads to scratches developing along with it losing some of its sheen. The result is wear and tear with this making your home look less appealing. However, there is a solution, and the key is installing engineered hardwood floors that only involve solid wood.

The Longevity of Hardwood

Investing in a Solid Hardwood Floor

Your flooring should be capable of making a statement while also adding to the overall aesthetics of your home. If the rest of your home contains high-quality décor, then it makes sense for your floor to match. The first thing to do is to decide on the type of floor that you want, and we have a range of options to choose from.

Looking At Your Home.

Your home should be your inspiration. The style of your interior, the light that comes into a room, and also the level of traffic it has to deal with are all important. Understanding the look you want to achieve with your décor has a direct impact on your hardwood floor, but thanks to its versatility you will find quality flooring is more practical than you think.

Wood Selection.

Selecting your wood is not something to rush into. From highly-durable European oak through to darker wood or even reclaimed wood that has been sanded and refinished, there is a wood option for any needs. No matter which option you choose, the top layer of the hardwood plank is both treated and maintained allowing it to keep its fresh look for longer.

Of course, as Venice has more of a bohemian vibe it may also mean you have a distinct design in mind for your flooring. If so, then our team of expert installers can meet your expectations.

The Longevity of Hardwood

The Installation and Care

Mistakes can be made when installing a hardwood floor, and that will directly affect your floor in the long-term. While parquetry flooring can be glued down, compared to hardwood being nailed, each hardwood plank has to be checked and carefully placed before everything is finalized.

Our installers take their time to make sure everything is lined up and perfect to give you a stunning floor. After, we maintain the floor to preserve its character and counteract any potential wear and tear that may develop over time.

Pacific Hardwood Flooring can provide you with luxury hardwood flooring in Venice and will do so to the high standards that both you and your home deserves. With a complete service on offer, take advantage of our extensive experience resulting in you having a new floor with the ‘wow’ factor.

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