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Hardwood Flooring in West Hollywood

The West Hollywood area might be known for the world-famous sunset strip, Melrose Avenue and Beverly Grove. However, West Hollywood is not only a tourist destination but also an ideal place for your forever home.

Pacific Hardwood flooring facilitates building or renovating of your West Hollywood home.
Finding the correct type of hardwood flooring in West Hollywood is a lot easier than you may have expected thanks to the range of options and services that we have to offer at Pacific Hardwood Flooring. Since 1990 Pacific Hardwood flooring has provided clients experienced and professional service from start to finish.

The flooring in your house can either accentuate your property’s refined character or function as a blemish that reduces property value. Pacific Hardwood Flooring offers beautifully intricate and high-quality flooring with twists and turns contained within each engineered plank working together to last decades and increase property desirability.

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Quality Matters

Not all flooring options are created equal.

Picture this; you have finished designing your dream home; everything seems just perfect. However, after a couple of years, you find scratches and dents in your home’s high-traffic areas. You may think, no big deal wood flooring requires maintenance. You hire a craftsman to repair the damaged areas, and this solves the problem temporarily. However, with time, small repairs are no longer enough, and you have to replace the floor altogether. What was initially the economical alternative has become costly due to the constant repairs and replacements. The much shorter life span of cheaper flooring alternatives is due to their makeup. Cheaper flooring alternatives are made from softwood, which is less durable than hardwood.

Properties located in the West Hollywood area require a durable hardwood floor that can withstand the humid weather. Humidity can lead to gaps in your flooring as it makes the wood expand and contract. Additionally, lower-quality flooring can also buckle, warp, and discolor after prolonged exposure to humidity. The floor can be repaired temporarily, but eventually, this will not suffice. The existing floor has to be lifted and replaced with a hopefully more lasting alternative.

A durable option for moisture-rich environments is engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring consists of a layer of hardwood bonded to water-resistant plywood material. Engineer hardwood is resistant to warping and more cost-effective than solid hardwood flooring.

The Longevity of Hardwood

Your Hardwood Flooring Options

Pacific Hardwood Flooring offers the most extensive Hardwood selection in the Los Angeles area.

Reclaimed lumber is high-quality upcycled wood sourced from factories, warehouses, retired ships, etc. Reclaimed lumber can help add character to your property, without sacrificing durability. Upcycled timber is environmentally friendly as it decreases the demand for new lumber. New lumber depletes forests, dislocates wildlife, and utilizes 11 to 13 times more energy than reclaimed wood. If you seek to add a rich history to your property without causing environmental damage, reclaimed wood is the best option.


European Oak comes from France, England, and Germany. Due to its slow-growing cycle, European Oak has a tighter grain. If you seek a more distinctive grain pattern, European Oak offers a more marked and wavy grain pattern than the American Oak. European Oak also tends to have a more consistent coloring distribution than its American counterpart. European Oak is not only an exquisite appearance but also a long life span and can last over 25 years. If

Parquet Flooring is built from small pieces of hardwood fitted together to create geometric patterns. Due to its composition, parquet is among the most elaborate flooring styles in the market. Despite its intricate design, the installation of parquet flooring is a fairly expedite and straight forward process. If you seek to pay tribute to the 1960s and 1970s with your vintage-styled property, look no further, parquet will add the retro appearance to your property.


Selecting Your Wood.

Pacific Hardwood Flooring has various hardwood species and finishes from European oak to reclaimed wood sanded and refinished to a high standard. Selecting the right hardwood for your property might seem difficult with so many options to choose from but do not worry; we are here to help. Our experts will evaluate your property’s needs and your concerns and can advise you on the best option for your location and home style.

The Longevity of Hardwood

Low Maintenance Wood

Lower quality softwood made from evergreen trees like pines, cedar, or spruce might seem like the most cost-effective option at first. However, when you choose the more economical softwood alternative, you are sacrificing durability. Lower quality woods are easily damaged. They are not ideal for families with pets or small children. Additionally, low-quality wood flooring also requires constant maintenance and has a much shorter life span than hardwood flooring, which can last decades.

This is not to say that our high-quality hardwood does not require any maintenance; it requires occasional upkeep to keep it looking pristine for decades to come. Pacific hardwood flooring will provide the required maintenance to save you time and preserve your floor’s condition.

Installing luxury hardwood flooring in your West Hollywood property can be a stress-free experience. Our team is here to facilitate the entire process, from selecting the wood and design to installation and maintenance. By making full use of our expertise, you can feel safe knowing that your quality flooring will continue to look good for decades to come.

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