When you are looking for premier quality, wide plank hardwood flooring, European Oak will most likely come to mind. When true European Oak covers your floors, you know you have the highest quality wood available. With its wide range of distinct sizes and finishes, this unparalleled wood flooring brings your personal spaces the unique look you have been wishing to achieve by adding the depth and natural beauty that only European oak flooring in Los Angeles can provide.

What exactly is European Oak?

European Oak is part of the oak and beech family. It is native to the region of Europe that is west of the Caucasus. This type of tree has been widely grown in temperate areas and also grows in the wild in certain regions of North America and China. Curiously, it is also one of the most common trees found in parks in south-east Australia.

European Oak produces a long-lasting and vigorous wood, very much in demand for furniture and flooring. It is so distinctive that in England it has become a national symbol.

Why is European Oak so desirable?

Mostly because it is one of the most dependable wooden floor options in the market today.

What makes European Oak different from American Oak?

There are several important differences between them, such as:

  • American oak tends to grow shorter and thicker than European oak
  • European oak generally has a more interesting grain formation, while American oak tends to grow in straight patterns
  • European oak has a more even color tone, while American oak tends to show greater contrast between lighter and darker shades
  • By having a greater tannin concentration and less sap, European oak allows stains to absorb more consistently
  • European oak also reacts better to reactive stain and aging processes
  • When it comes to color, European oak tends to have a more uniform gray color while North American ones display more yellow and pink undertones

Although both species appear to be very similar to the untrained eye, the above characteristics do set them apart quite clearly.

What has European oak wood been used for in the past?

Oak has worked very well through history when used for shipbuilding, wine aging and drum making, among other uses. Being resistant to fungal and insect issues has made it a favorite wood throughout different periods of human history.

Oak is a timeless classic. This means that you can rest assured you will not be making a decorating mistake or an error in style when you use it in your most beloved spaces.

How do you know which flooring is the right one for you?

Although you may have decided on oak flooring for your home because of its well-known strength and hardness, you may be wavering between American and European oak flooring.

Is its place of origin really that important?

Definitely! Because the region where oak grows can have an impact not only on the way it looks but in its overall quality. In Europe, in places such as Great Britain, France or Germany, the relatively mild weather allows these trees to grow strong and lend themselves well to achieving the right finish, achieving a balance between durability and good looks.

How do you identify European oak boards?

Oak boards come in different widths. Yet, the optimal way to show off wood boards is by selecting the widest planks available. Thinner boards don’t allow oak wood to show off its beauty.

How is European oak finished?

Mostly it is finished with natural oils that penetrate the fiber and hardens it without affecting its beauty in the least. This way they become easier to care for. One of its main advantages is the fact that you will never have to call in a professional to have it sanded down. It will only require that you apply oil regularly to keep it looking as good as new.

What makes oak floors so sturdy?

It may be because oak trees are quite old before they are felled to make timber. Once they are turned into beautiful floor planks, nature has done its job by weathering them and there is now pretty much nothing these floors won’t be able to handle.

Can European oak be created to match your interior design aesthetic?

One more reason to select European oak for your home is the fact that it can be created to match any design project’s goals. With a very wide variety of colors and finishes, it works great as a base to showcase your home’s unique characteristics.

Does the fact that this is such a premium and unique wood imply that installation will take longer or be more complicated than other types of wood?

Not at all. Installing European oak is not more challenging than installing any other wood flooring. Go for a team of true professionals that will have the right level of skill and patience to expertly handle every board and know how to make even the most complicated cuts to fit every corner and nook.

Not all European Oak suppliers are the same

When you are ready to improve the look of your home and are considering adding European oak to the final result, the first thing you should do is to make sure you are dealing with a supplier that truly knows this wood, someone who understands the growth patterns and timing that will produce the highest-grade European oak wood. They should be able to provide you with a hardwood that shows the best shape, grade, and pattern in every plank. Don’t forget that you are making a true investment in the finest wood that will provide you and your loved ones pleasure for many years to come.

European oak looks truly stunning in any setting and works well with any design and for any purpose. Installing it in any home is very desirable and will never disappoint. With over thirty years’ experience in installing the finest wood flooring in Los Angeles, Pacific Hardwood Flooring will make your floors reflect your impeccable taste.