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Timeless Aesthetic is Achieved With Parquet

Bring warmth and character to your project with uniquely crafted Parquet Flooring. Known for its reliability, Parquet lasts the longest compared to other types of flooring. Parquet flooring is a popular choice among luxury homeowners, seeking the timeless aesthetic and century-long reliability.

Parquet Flooring is the boldest choice in fine hardwood flooring as it demands a high attention to detail and excellent precision during installation. Pacific Hardwood Flooring boasts the craftsmanship required to make Parquet the most reliable and beautiful floor.

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The History of Parquet Flooring

Some time ago, having your home’s floors covered with parquet meant you were living in a luxurious house. The time it took for these craftsmen to painstakingly cut and fit these small pieces of wood and have them arranged into unique and artistic geometric designs, were a symbol of unquestionable wealth.

This all changed as of the 1970s when manufacturers began mass-producing it, making accessible for everyone, no matter their budget. Typically, the flooring came in tiles that measured between eight and 12 square inches.

The wood tiles featured geometric patterns. Prior to parquet, the only patterned options for flooring were very costly. However, the thinness of parquet made it an affordable option for the masses. Instead of relying on carpet to cover their unfinished floors, many individuals turned to parquet.

Eventually, its popularity subsided. New flooring materials, such as plastic laminate and vinyl planks, took over the limelight. But as with all trends, this one is starting to resurface. People are starting to realize the many benefits of parquet floors, and it’s once again becoming popular.

The Revival of Parquet Flooring

These days many homeowners look to incorporate in their home’s elements of mid-century modern design. And the fact that you can now find parquet tiles not only in simple herringbone or parallel patterns but in a wide variety of styles, makes installing parquet a very interesting and appealing alternative.

Advantages of Parquet Flooring

There are several advantages to using this type of flooring. For one, it’s nostalgic. Many individuals miss the look of their childhood home. By installing parquet, they can capture the unique look.

Another advantage is the variety. Over time, parquet has developed. It is now available in many different patterns. In addition to finding the traditional herringbone or parallel lines, you can also find other patterns. There are also other species of wood available for parquet tiles. In fact, you can even find exotic wood parquet tiles.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of flooring is the ease of installation. Rather than nail down planks of wood, installers apply a glue. They can adjust the tile as needed and the tiles are thin enough to cut with a saw. After installation, you don’t need to worry about a mess or smell. The finish is applied before installation, which saves you from the noxious fumes of polyurethane.

Here’s some other common reasons people choose parquet flooring:

  • Parquet tiles are easy to cut with a saw
  • Many patterns and colors are available
  • Tiles have a very hard and durable polyurethane finish
  • As it is made of hardwood, it can be sanded and refinished when needed
  • Parquet offers you plenty of design options

Nowadays, parquet wood flooring in Los Angeles is considered one of the best decorative flooring options. It is ideal for formal areas such as living rooms, foyers, and dining rooms. The available selection of patterns, woods, and colors, make this an ideal element when designing a home.

Maintaining Parquet Floors 

As with any hardwood flooring, parquet floors add a warm touch to any room. To keep them clean and maintain their unique look as good as new, sweep, vacuum them every day, and make sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Deeper cleaning should be done monthly, depending on how much use they receive. When a more thorough clean is needed, never use a wet mop. Opt instead for a lightly dampened microfiber mop. Excess water can damage any wood floor.

Parquet Floor Experts in Los Angeles

A parquet floor is an affordable way to get the floor you’ve always wanted. Its variability in pattern and color makes it a viable option for almost anyone. Regardless of your style, you may be able to find a pattern that fits with your home.

In the last century, the average size of the Los Angeles home has grown by 38%. This makes affordable flooring more important than ever. Contact us at Pacific Hardwood Flooring to learn more about your options.

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