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Choosing the right hardwood for your space can be challenging when you think about the different types of wood in terms of durability, how light bounces off the grain, and the feeling of stepping against the wood itself.

Consider the color, the finish, and the texture of the species as it ties your entire space together. We guide you through this process and help select the best hardwood flooring for you.

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Hardwood Floor Types

Modern & Beautiful

European Oak

European Oak is the modern home owner’s dream wood with its beautiful colors, exquisite grain pattern, and versatility in many finishes. European Oak flooring is highly sought-after as one of the most dependable wooden flooring options available and the most popular option among modern interior designs.

Luxury living room with hardwood flooring
Reclaimed hardwood flooring

Environment Friendly & Unique

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is an environmentally friendly approach to hardwood flooring that gives a one of a kind look and reliability. Reclaimed flooring is lumber wood that has passed its prime and has been recycled for its new purpose. You’ll find many different options for reclaimed flooring that have their own unique stories ready to be passed on to your very own space.

Timeless & Durable


Truly timeless, Parquet has been a popular style of flooring with origins dating back to the 16th century. Parquet is a classic addition to any home and is especially popular among historic interior designers. Requiring excellent craftsmanship and quality wood, Parquet is a very enticing pick for many homeowners and commercial designers.

Luxury living room with hardwood flooring

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Pacific Hardwood Flooring handles many different types of servicing for hardwood floors. For more specific details on the services that we offer, visit our service page.

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